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My daughters have a way of telling me that not only are we, as a family, not normal, but they wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What I never wanted to imagine...

I find myself in a place that I would never have thought possible- especially considering the way in which I was raised.

My Mother has passed on and is off enjoying the next big adventure and I'm one of three siblings, all within 1-1/2 years, left to sort out the mundane earthly affiars of state.

Even though my mother asked if I would be the executor of her estate, i encouraged her to choose my sister who has an independent source of income and doesn't work and who lives on the same coast as my mother. These were, of course, plans that we were makng for the far distant future, not plans for the next week...

As things have unfolded, my sister is the executrix nominee and is behaving like an only child. She won't let either of her brothers into the house (now two months after my mothers death) and won't answer direct questions about what she is doing in the house or what her intentions are toward the rest of the family and the family heirlooms in the house itself.

My brother and I have had to hire an attourney just so that we can enter our family home. Can you imagine?


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