Mud on the Wall

My daughters have a way of telling me that not only are we, as a family, not normal, but they wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

proven wrong again

I was there as she moved to the right, shifting her weight onto her left foot, and kicked in the first goal of her life and the first goal of the teams' season.

"Why did it have to be a girl?" was the grudging admiration and admission of success offered by her closest (and loudest) team mate.

He was right in a strange way... the sky was dark, and the wind was rising in a way that threatened snow in the last week of May. It was cold and the turf had already been pummelled into the earth so that the rich clay-filled mud found the daylight. It must have seemed like the "end of days" to him- especially if girls were scoring goals.

But, the angels sang, and my daughter has to deal with the responsiiblity of her success on the field of valor for the rest of her life (or at least for the rest of the week). She has proven, against her long held faith, that her personal success is possible.

I bought the ice cream.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Current Touch

Holding hands was somehow different than it had been before.

There was a subtle motion and new energy, a deliberate intent and vocabulary that had been missing for so many years, informing the crevasses and scars with electric promise.

There was the acknowleged passage of the burden of strength and a revival of discovery in the walk home.

There was so much left still unsaid, but there was a clear beginning and, for now, maybe that would be enough.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wednesdays Adult

The ashes floated up and stuck, randomly, in his hair and eye lashes. He had long ago stopped seeing the photographs and merely saw the shifting memory pictures reflected in the effective flames.

The depression was a big and friendly thing that fit him completely, like a childhood favorite blanket, fitting in places that he'd forgotten he had, cupping his fears and supporting them with an encouraging softness.

It was a glance into the unfamiliar territory of his sisters' mind that started it all, sacrifing the last illusion of shared symphathies, common values and resonnance. He struggled with the foreigness of her behavior and responses finding no common point of reference or departure that could lead him to where they stood now.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What I never wanted to imagine...

I find myself in a place that I would never have thought possible- especially considering the way in which I was raised.

My Mother has passed on and is off enjoying the next big adventure and I'm one of three siblings, all within 1-1/2 years, left to sort out the mundane earthly affiars of state.

Even though my mother asked if I would be the executor of her estate, i encouraged her to choose my sister who has an independent source of income and doesn't work and who lives on the same coast as my mother. These were, of course, plans that we were makng for the far distant future, not plans for the next week...

As things have unfolded, my sister is the executrix nominee and is behaving like an only child. She won't let either of her brothers into the house (now two months after my mothers death) and won't answer direct questions about what she is doing in the house or what her intentions are toward the rest of the family and the family heirlooms in the house itself.

My brother and I have had to hire an attourney just so that we can enter our family home. Can you imagine?